TOP 5 benefits of the NIRONE Scanner

NIRONE® Scanner brings powerful spectroscopic technology within everyone’s reach


Spectral Engines’ NIRONE® Scanner was launched earlier this year. In a nutshell, the NIRONE Scanner is a unique material sensing solution which enables the development of innovative material sensing applications. NIRONE Scanner speeds up the market-entry of new material sensing solutions significantly and brings powerful NIR technology into pocket-sized devices. NIRONE Scanner’s connectivity also enables the manufacturing of portable field inspection applications.Nirone_Scanner_Top5


Included in the NIRONE Scanner is the world’s smartest material scanner NIRONE Device, and one of its most vital parts is its intelligent cloud for fast data collection and analysis. On top of all this, the solution has many additional benefits, such as scalability up to thousands of sensors and a committed team of experts who will help you every step of the way in taking your material sensing product to the next level.

Here’s a list of the top 5 reasons on why the NIRONE Scanner is the best option when choosing a platform for creating your own advanced material sensing solutions.

  1. An award-winning material scanner bringing laboratory equipment into your pocket

    NIRONE Scanner is a turn-key solution for anyone planning to develop their own material sensing solution. The NIRONE Scanner combines the world’s smallest NIR-sensor and latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in an unforeseen way.The heart of the NIRONE Scanner platform, Spectral Engines’ wireless NIRONE Device, is an internationally appreciated, award-winning product. Its predecessor was chosen as the winner of the PRISM Awards as the Best Sensor product in 2016. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Oscars of Photonics’, the Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation is a highly valued international competition that honors the best new photonic products on the market.

    NIRONE Device works at the true NIR spectral range from 1350-2150 nm which enables high performance and sensitive measurement in most material sensing applications.Spectral Engines’ Artificial Intelligence algorithms bring the calibration and library generation of material sensing applications to a new level. They ensure reliable results with all devices without a need for device-to-device calibration transfer. Cloud computing enables easy library updates to all devices and makes it possible to update new measurement applications in the future.
  2. World-leading team for your measurement application development

    Material sensing application development requires multidisciplinary skills from the team. The team should consist of expertise of optical sensor technologies, measurement physics, chemistry, data science, software development and calibration transfers between individual devices. We have brought all this expertise together and developed an easy, fast and transparent application development process to create new applications in a reliable and cost-efficient way. Spectral Engines’ team of experts were selected as the number one development team of spectroscopic solutions when our FoodScanner won the Horizon Prize, a competition organized by the European Union, in March 2017. The development of FoodScanner was a triumphant experiment and a learning experience but, most of all, it provided the basic building blocks for a fast and easy application development process - a key element in the NIRONE Scanner platform.

    Most importantly, the FoodScanner was developed in just three months and it beat the other commercial scanners that had been developed for years. The NIRONE Scanner has been designed to offer you this same fast development cycle. As Spectral Engines provides the customer with all the equipment and needed expertise for algorithms, the development process can be kick-started as soon as the customer has prepared all of the samples needed for the calibration. Our algorithm can also be further modified whenever needed as the process moves forward.

  3. Fast development process from an initial idea to a product

    Whichever application you choose for creating added value to you or your customers, NIRONE Scanner provides the tools for developing and operating it. The four-step scanner development process from our feasibility evaluation to your final product is easy, fast, cost-effective and completely transparent. Starting costs are significantly reduced, as you will have no need for hardware investments. Short development and validation times guarantee a fast time-to-market of your material scanning solution.

    Spectral Engines’ experts have acquired years of knowledge in adapting NIR spectroscopy into industrial processes and portable analyzers, and the customer will be provided with their own team of industry specialists to help with optimizing the entire research and development phase. As the development phase is significantly shorter than ever before, customers will get a chance to pilot and test their material sensing solutions quickly with their own target groups.

  4. Ready-made Scanner platform enables a fast market entry

    Normally the product development phase of complex and advanced material sensing solutions can take years, but the ready-made components of the NIRONE Scanner enable a quick start, saving both money and time. The NIRONE Scanner includes the world’s smartest material scanner NIRONE Device, equipped with next-generation NIR technology, easy-to-use mobile and web applications, cloud connectivity and cloud computing algorithms. The user interfaces of the mobile and web applications are both extremely efficient, easy-to-use and fully customizable if needed. At the heart of our solution is a combination of our core sensor technology, mobile connectivity, cloud-based data management and analysis. For the analysis, we bring together well-established scientific analysis methods and modern Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

  5. Scalable concept from low to high volumes

    The NIRONE Scanner product family is a great fit for customers looking for a solution for only a few dozens of sensors – but it’s equally good for customers hoping to scale their production to thousands. The product has been made ready for mass manufacturing. Easy-to-use mobile and web applications offer a quick way to operate hundreds of scanners. At the same time, our cloud platform provides an interface for connecting other systems you may already have. The NIRONE Scanner enables the creation of flexible business models and offers new ways of thinking ahead.

    Spectral Engines’ NIRSaaSTM business concept provides a massive competitive advantage when compared to traditional material sensing solutions, which normally require considerable initial investments. The NIRONE Scanner offers unlimited opportunities for creating a variety of material sensing solutions for both industrial and commercial use at a very low price point. A free feasibility analysis ensures the success of the end product beforehand, and during the final steps of the development process the scanner solution will be customized and made into a final material sensing product.

Get acquainted with the NIRONE Scanner even better: Download the NIRONE Scanner product brochure or watch a video showcasing its numerous opportunities!

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