Telaketju – the new era of recycling

Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy (LSJH) and Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) co-ordinate Telaketju, a group of projects and network aiming to build an unforeseen recycling ecosystem for the collection, sorting and further processing of textiles in Finland. This network is made up of projects implemented by a wide range of Finnish companies,...

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TOP 5 benefits of the NIRONE Scanner

NIRONETM Scanner brings powerful spectroscopic technology within everyone’s reach


Spectral Engines’ NIRONETM Scanner was launched earlier this year. In a nutshell, the NIRONE Scanner is a unique material sensing solution which enables the development of innovative material sensing applications. NIRONE Scanner speeds up the market-entry of new...

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TOP 5 reasons to select the NIRONE Sensor


Microspectrometer and spectral sensor markets are the fastest growing market areas of spectroscopy. The trend is clear towards smaller and less expensive sensors, which will open completely new markets in NIR spectroscopy-based material sensing. The sensor market is 50-100 times bigger than the analyzer market, so there is a clear business...

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SmartFarm - concepts and collaboration for better future farms

As smart farming and digitalization are making their way to livestock farms, spectral sensors are becoming an important factor in increasing the productivity of farms and the welfare of animals.

In late 2017 Spectral Engines partnered with Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), two of Finland’s...

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Transforming the future of medication

The field of medication is changing. New ways of manufacturing techniques in the pharmaceutical industry, such as printing, are constantly researched and developed, and eventually these techniques will allow hospitals, pharmacies and doctors to print drugs on demand and mix different medications into one easy-to-administer dose. Mass production...

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Industry 4.0 and how smart sensors make the difference

Most people working in the process industry have heard the term Industry 4.0. But what does it actually mean? Why should anyone be interested about it? Industry 4.0 has been claimed to be the fourth revolution of the manufacturing industry. The humankind has already seen three major revolutions in manufacturing industries:


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Sensor technology will revolutionize the way we see the world around us

A brief history of Spectral Engines

Spectral Engines makes the technology of the future, right here and now

In the everyday life of the future, we can find out in just a matter of seconds what the food we consume consists of, what materials our clothes are actually made of and whether our pharmaceuticals will live up to their promises. This,...

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Spectral Engines’ partnership with Reutlingen University – a match made in spectral sensor heaven

Spectral Engines has been partnering with companies, innovators and scientists with great success during our short but already world changing history. We have been strengthening our existence and collaboration in Germany with both industrial and research partners already for several years.

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