Spectral Engines and BSH have developed a textile scanner for making laundry easier

Published 15.3.2019

For immediate release


BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, one of the globally leading companies in the home appliance sector, has developed an innovative laundry scanner based on sensor technology from Spectral Engines, a Finnish innovator of material sensing technologies. The two companies collaborated to create a device called X-Spect, an intelligent connected scanner for recognizing different fabric types and stains at home.

X-Spect makes common household decisions easier, safer and more exciting by providing washing and pre-treatment recommendations for any garment or stain type. After scanning the textiles, the wireless device can automatically transfer the recommended settings to BSH’s range of connected washing machines. The secret behind X-Spect is its sensor technology from Spectral Engines that determines which fabrics you are washing, and how best to get rid of any stains.

Dr. Arndt von Bieren, Head of Advanced Sensor Technologies at Corporate Innovation BSH, says “We see X-Spect as a breakthrough innovation in the field of connected laundry appliances. We have chosen Spectral Engines as our sensor supplier due to the outstanding performance and flexibility of their technology and the profound expertise of their team.”

X-Spect was launched under the Bosch Home Appliances brand, one of 13 brands within BSH’s appliance brand portfolio, at one of the world’s leading trade shows for home appliances, the Appliance World Expo (AWE) 2019 in Shanghai and got a successful welcome.

“X-Spect incorporates our new NIRONETM Sensor X product, which we launched earlier this year. This starts a new era for Spectral Engines, as it marks a shift towards consumer applications. This proves that our advanced sensor products can be used both in industrial as well as consumer products. We are extremely excited to see how this collaboration will foster and grow our place in the market, as BSH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of quality home appliances. The collaboration will further strengthen Spectral Engines’ position worldwide as a pioneer of miniaturized sensors”, says Jarkko Antila, CEO of Spectral Engines.


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